CellFill℠ Applications

The mobility and high rate of production afforded by CellFill℠ makes it an ideal material for many applications.


Abandoned Water & Sewer Pipes

​Abandoned water and sewer lines can collapse if not filled. CellFill℠ is a more stable and cost effective alternative for filling abandoned water and sewer lines.

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Corrugated Metal Pipe Backfill

Ideal for jobsites that have compaction issues and timing issues with multiple trucks and dozers on site.


Mine Shaft & Large Hole Capping

Up to 20’ lifts make quick work of filling large voids. Use for mines, silos or any other large hole needing a stable fill.


Erosion Control

Use for drainage systems on the side of roadways, directly underneath roadways and building foundations, and anywhere else soil is unstable.

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Bridge Backfill Behind Abutments

Perfect replacement for CLSM and other flowable fill that shrinks and settles, leading to cracks in bridgework.

Click this PDF to download CellFill's 2016 Brochure.


Think CellFill℠

With so many product options wouldn't it be nice if there was one that worked across multiple applications?

If you are planning to use:

Granular Backfill | CLSM/Flowable Fill | Flexible Pipe Backfill | Annular Space Filling Grout

Think CellFill℠ instead.