Branson, MO – Spirit of 76 Project

  • September 2016 to Present: Branson, MO
  • CellFill℠ As Protective Encasement for Underground Utilities

CellFill℠ is part of a 3-5 year revitalization project in the heart of Branson’s famed strip, Highway 76. The City of Branson is burying its utilities along its 5 mile strip as part of the “Spirit of 76” beautification project. The new utility duct banks include 12” waterline, electric, cable, phone and fiber cables. Due to how close the conduit is placed together, you could not properly compact with traditional granular backfill, and settlement issues were a big concern. CellFill’s cellular concrete is fully bedding the conduit and providing 100% compaction. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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